Legal advice & legal aid

Litigating in court has disadvantages. The process takes a very long time, it costs you a lot of time and energy, and you take a risk: the final decision is out of your hands. Therefore, in personal injury and liability cases, Joey Advocatuur's first advice will be to enter into negotiations with the other party.

The goal then is to reach a good settlement. What constitutes a good settlement is different for everyone, but usually the most important things are acknowledgement, apology and financial compensation. The advantage of this is that you don't have to depend on police and the courts, long court processing times, your privacy is better guaranteed and you can put the case behind you more quickly.

In certain cases (criminal cases, administrative law cases), negotiation is not an issue, or is less so. This is true even when the other party does not respond or if no agreement can be reached during negotiations. In those cases, we also help you.

At Joey Advocatuur, we value effective access to justice. We will initiate proceedings for you and/or assist you during the filing and follow-up.