About us


Since January 2021, Jolien has been working as a lawyer. With a personal approach, she informs people about their rights and assists them when they are violated. With passion for the law and a focus on justice, she stands beside her clients.

Jolien is registered with the Bar Association for the main areas of general practice and victim law. By virtue of this, she is required to obtain ten training credits from these main areas of law each year.


Bachelor of Law
Master of Dutch Law
Master of Victimology & Criminal Justice



As office manager of Joey Advocatuur, Eva is a central figure on the team who forms the backbone of the firm with her organizational skills, perseverance, helpfulness and empathy.

Her perseverance is evident not only in her work, but also in her personal achievements. Eva used to play handball at the world level, an experience that greatly shaped her mentality and approach to challenges. Playing handball at a high level requires not only physical strength, but also mental toughness, teamwork, strategic thinking and the will to constantly push your limits. She has carried these traits into her professional life, where she operates with the same dedication and determination.

Risha combines a passion for archaeology with a keen legal mind. Her academic journey began in the study of the human body and history, where she specialized in researching ancient cultures and human remains. This experience gave her a deep understanding of human societies and the complex dynamics that shaped them.

Her unique background allows her to combine historical context with legal thinking, giving her a special perspective on law and society.

Risha is committed to using her skills to help people and approach social issues with nuance and depth. Her work reflects her commitment to both the past and the future, striving to create a just world through the lens of her extensive knowledge and experience.


Archaeology (MA)
Bachelor of Law.