Free and pro bono legal aid

Joey Advocatuur offers free legal aid to all victims of (serious) sexual and violent crimes, regardless of your income or assets.

Victims of other crimes also receive free legal aid if they are entitled to pro bono legal aid and in which a criminal case is pending against the defendant. Whether you are entitled to pro bono legal aid is determined based on your annual tax income from two years ago.

If you qualify for subsidized legal aid, you pay a one-time co-payment, the amount of which depends on your annual tax income. The chart below can help you make an estimate. The limits and associated co-payments are also here reflected.

In personal injury cases, a no cure, no pay rate is possible in certain cases. When that is not possible, assistance can also be provided on a no cure, less pay basis.

If you do not qualify for free or pro bono legal aid, you can here See what our fixed prices are.

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